Haz Hizan

35 Years Old
TA Certified Coach

Haz has more than 10 years diversified unique experience studying the art and science of teaching and coaching tennis from many of America’s leading coaches including one of Dennis Van Der Meer’s programs, Steve Smith, and directly worked with Vic Braden.

On the playing side of life, Haz has a been playing and contributing member of Malaysian Tennis Davis Cup team for six years (1996-2002) and had competed at Division One College Tennis NCAA representing The University of Louisville in United States (1997-2000).

Haz is currently with the Centre for Sports Engineering Research, Sheffield Hallam University on a two-year post-doctoral fellowship. His research interests lie primarily in the field of notational and performance analysis in tennis. Haz completed a PhD in Sport Science (Development of Tactics in Tennis) at The University of Western Australia in 2011.

Haz believed that all players require a solid fundamental base of stroke production (the technical part) and once a player has achieve this, she or he can now employ the tactical and strategic parts of the game and begin winning more matches.

Private lessons per hour:
1-2 People: £20
3+ People: £20 (plus £5 Per Additional Person)

Tel: 07429482767
Email: hazhizan@yahoo.com